Broken Butterfly: A Fortis Security Novel

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A man who lives in the shadows.

Zin “The Viper” Maklavoi has lived his life in the shadowy world of espionage, shedding the blood of evil and soaking up the darkness. Now, he needs to step into the light and allow the woman who has stolen his heart and soul to see the man behind the mask, even if it costs him everything. Can he convince her that he is damaged but not broken, or will he have to let his butterfly fly free?

A woman who longs to fly free.

Celeste Bourdain learned from a very early age to keep to herself and hide her gift from those that would hurt and exploit her. After a painful rejection by the only man she has ever loved, she decides to embrace life on her own.

But life has a way of teaching you who is really in charge, and before long her world is turned upside down.

Can they find a way to save each other before it’s too late?

Celeste now faces the biggest fight of her life. With the threat of death hanging over her head and bullets flying all around her she must now decide; fight or flight?

Can Zin win back his Pixie and stop the ticking time bomb that will kill her? Or will their entire world face annihilation and be forever changed? The clock is ticking, and the stakes have never been higher in this game of cat and mouse.


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