Ehdis Stainless Steel Art Knife Retractable Folding Utility Knife Razor Scraper 9mm Auto-lock Snap Off Blades - 5 Pieces

  • Brands: Ehdis
  • Product Weight: 0.25000000
Rs.3,539.52 Rs.6,361.92
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Main Features:
Auto-lock snap off blade knife with professional Stainless Steel grip.
Convenient snap off utility knife has an extra high quality stainless steel sliding track which allows the blade to glide in and out smoothly.
The blade used in this professional snap off knife is made of high quality carbon tool steel and produced through multiple stages of precise process to obtain the ultimate sharpness and optimum edge-retention.
Strong steel blade channel.
Ideal for craft hobbyists and artists, office or home usage.
Features 12-point Aluminum plastic case auto lock knife.
Extremely 9mm slim and 45 degrees, Auto-Lock design.
Easy to replace blades.

Model: CN009
Product: Sliding Art knife
Size: 13cm length
Blade: 9mm width blade
Application: Vinyl install tools, building tools, industry tools, cutter tool


  • Standard duty rust resistant stainless steel snap off blade knife
  • Blade Size: 9mm width, 45 Degree
  • With built-in blade snapper and pocket clip / Designed for right and left handed use
  • Extremely 0.38mm slim and Auto-Lock design, Easy to replace blades
  • Cutting Material: Window film, paper, wallpaper, card stock, vinyl, etc.


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