YJYdada NFC Multifunctional Waterproof Intelligent Ring Smart Wear Finger Digital Ring (D)

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*Lock and unlock your Smart phone or tablet quickly, hide the app when you leave your smart phone alone
*Share & Transfer information (send the private message/Picture/business card/ website link to the person you want to share by a simple touch)
*Control Applications (you can write a fixed process list ahead of the time, and the ring will start the applications each time by simply touch.
*Water Resistant and No charging required
*Support All Android and Windows NFC Mobiles. Size Chart please check the image
*Quickly start the phone application, in advance will need to quickly start the program startup command written in the smart ring, when the smart ring touches the phone will automatically find and start the program.
*Multi-functional NFC smart ring, the main function is to store and exchange personal information, as well as mobile content and personal privacy encryption unlock, support for Apple, Samsung, Huawei, millet and other DNF-enabled mobile phone.
*Size:A---6,B----7,C---8,D----9,E----10,F----11,G-----12,H------13 (please refer to the size picture)
*Chip: NFC chip
*Working frequency band: 13.56MHZ
*Storage space: 144BYTES
*Transmission rate: 106kb / s
*Uses: set up smart lock, card recharge, smart phone unlock, phone important file lock, transfer files.
*Features: No charge, programmable read-only lock function, 7-byte serial number clone protection
*1 x Smart Ring
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  • Size:A---6,B----7,C---8,D----9,E----10,F----11,G-----12,H------13
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