150 Lumen Theft Proof Bike Light Combo Pack For Bicycle Commuters - Bright USB Rechargeable Bicycle Lights w/ Lifetime Anti Theft Guarantee

Important : This product will take 3 to 4 weeks to delivery at your doorstep.
Whether you re a seasoned bike commuter, or you re new to city cycling, Fortified bike lights were designed with you in mind. These lightweight aluminum LED bike lights lock to your handlebars and seat post with custom security bolts, and are backed by Fortified s world-famous anti theft bike light guarantee - If these bicycle lights are ever stolen or water damaged, Fortified will replace em! For the first time ever, bike commuters have truly theft proof bike lights they can rely on everyday, without constantly removing them. Unlike other USB bike lights, Fortified is the only company to make rechargeable bike lights that you don t have to remove from your bicycle. Swap batteries on the go with Fortified s custom removable, rechargeable USB bike light batteries. Note: This is a bike light combo pack, which means you have both a front bike light and a rear bike light to keep you safe on your ride. A sleek 150 lumen bike light in the front perfectly illuminates city streets, while an aerodynamic 30 lumen bike light in the rear keeps drivers alert. The usb batteries charge in under 4 hours, the bright white front light runs for up to 5 hours on eco flashing mode, and the rear red bike light runs for up to 24 hours on eco flashing mode.


  • Never Take Your Bike Lights Off Again: custom security bolts make Fortified Bicycle lights theft proof, and they re backed with a lifetime anti theft guarantee
  • Never Ride Uncharged: These are the only LED bike lights with removable USB rechargeable batteries, enabling quick swapping on the go - the most convenient rechargeable bike lights on the market!
  • See The Road: 150 lumen front bike light and 30 lumen rear bike light make that you see the road and traffic sees you
  • Fits Nearly All Bikes: 22mm-31.8mm handlebars & 22mm-31.6mm seat posts
  • Hours Of Bike Commuting: up to 24 hours rear light run time, up to 5 hours front light run time


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