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Best Hair Growth supplements for men and women in Pakistan

Like the body, our hairs also require nutrients to grow strong. Hair loss is very common these days. And there are multiple reasons for this loss. So, extreme care should be taken while choosing the best hair growth serum for thicker and fuller hair. Even women are turning to hair supplements to give their roots the perfect boost inside. The expert trichologists and cosmetic dermatologists recommend certain vitamins.

The best hair serums or hair elixirs can help stimulate blood flow to the scalp. However, it is necessary to massage in the serum wonderfully and refreshing. Serum invigorates your skin, and hair follicles. This is why the circulation to the blood vessels increases. The improved circulation helps carrying all of the essential nutrients which are required to the hair growth cycle. As a result, the hairs never become thin, brittle or lackluster.

Most importantly, it is advisable that you must make it sure that the hair serum and elixir is absolutely free from drugs and derived from entirely natural ingredients. Also, they must be steer clear of unnatural carcinogens or toxins. Serum is the lightweight treatment together with dietary supplements, specialist shampoo and conditioner. So, it revitalizes your locks with enviable thickness and bounce. To get gorgeous hair some of the supplements are really helpful.


Viviscal combats all the factors that lead to hair loss. It includes AminoMar, biotin, zinc, Vitamin C, fish protein, horsetail plant extracts that promise the best results. The Scandinavian supplement helps you get the more thick hair and re-growth. Some of the experts have said that their clients have observed tremendous results in new hair growth within one month.

It contains the ingredients of natural origins; therefore, you will get perfect nourishing of your thinning hair and grow them thick.


Bioting is the water soluble vitamin which improves the brittle nails and thinning hairs. Since, it is water soluble, therefore no side effects. Biotin improves the body keratin infrastructure. This is the protein which makes up hair, skin and nails. Therefore, the biotin has direct effect on your hair growth in sparse. Even the people with a deficiency use biotin for healthier and thicker year.

Furthermore, your body needs biotin as it converts certain nutrients into energy. It is effective even when you take it in small doses. Shampoo, conditioners and hair oils that contain Biotin can thicken hair, increase fullness and add shine.


Vitamin D plays the perfect role in the creation of the new hair follicles. These follicles are the actual pores from which the new hair grows. In addition to it, these follicles help hair grow thick and prevent the existing hair from falling out prematurely.

The sunshine vitamin is famous for absorbing calcium which gives the hair a perfect grasp. The hairs stick firmly in the roots. The researches have revealed that the Vitamin D receptor helps in regulating the hair cycle. The vitamin D has a direct impact on the hairs to sprout healthy and strong strands. At the same time, it is a fact, that nobody could get the required amount of vitamin D directly through natural means. So you need its supplements to stay fit in spite of sunscreens daily.


An extract of Saw palmetto barriers is an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. DHT is the molecule which causes hair fall and hair loss. Many people have used Saw palmetto supplements and have got good hair growth. It is also known one of the most popular natural hair loss treatments.

A saw palmetto supplement is designed to support prostrate health and regulate hormone production. This is why, it may reduce hair fall and encourage hair growth.


It is the vitamin A that every cell needs to grow. It makes the glands secrete sebum. This sebum is an oily substance that moisturizes the scalp and keeps hair follicles healthy. However, the deficiency of the vitamin A would lead to the dry hair and hair loss.

Most importantly, you need to be very careful with the dosage of the vitamin A. Because when you take it in excess amount, it can have adverse effects, for example hair loss immediately.


The most notable and positive effect of the Vitamin C is that it acts like antioxidant. As an antioxidant it staves off free radical damage. Hence, you get free radical stress affects hair follicle cells. The more the number of the antioxidants present in the scalp the more will be the strength of the hair. Scalp health is essential to the growth of strong, lustrous hair, that infusion of nutrients makes your mile long hair goal much easier to achieve.

L Lysine Hydrochloride

It is an amino acid that helps fight hair loss. Collagen is one of the most important components of hair because it absorbs calcium for creation. For this function, collagen needs L Lysine Hydrochloride. It plays a vital role in enhancing the immune system. It is the only supplement that no longer remains abundant in foods. The peptides are small enough to make absorption into the blood stream quickly.

It contains the important natural glycine, which aids the immune and digestive systems. It is just good for your youth full and stronger hair.


Natural hair serum utilizes a combination of biotin, D-Panthenol, pea sprout extract and pro vitamin B. This serum would provide you with the perfect natural healthy and strong hairs. There would be no hair loss and the hair would appear thicker and stronger ever.

Use of this serum helps you get dense and lustrous hair without resorting to any other harmful chemicals or expensive products.

Gotu Kola Powder

It is something that prevent hair loss. This powder is used to treat stress and anxiety which both contribute to hair loss.

Zinc is another ingredient essential for healthy hair and promotes faster hair growth and folic acid which is good for overall hair quality. It also works by renewing the cells that grow hair.


You can have long, lustrous, unequivocally healthy and impossibly glossy hairs with the use of iron. Hairs grow strong with iron and iron makes haemoglobin the carrier of oxygen in the blood. Therefore, it is one of the most important mineral for hair growth. However one needs supplements to nourish the hair with iron as it cannot be got entirely from natural resources.


This mineral plays a vital role in hair tissue growth and their repair. Because, zinc makes oil glands surrounding the follicles, work in the proper manner. The deficiency of zinc from 14 to 15 is the most common cause for hair loss. Zinc supplements do the great job by reducing the loss of hairs.


Hairs are actually protein in nature. So the quantity of consumption should be enough for hair growth. The deficiency of the proteins ultimately leads to the decrease hair growth. Proteins supplements are fit safeguard against hair fall.


Ashwagandha helps your body to control the production of the stress hormone cortisol. Any problem in the concentration of cortisol may result the shedding of the hair. Enrich supplement of ashwagandha herb is the only option to avoid hair shedding.


Folic acid is well known for the new cell generation. This is why; it is a type of vitamin B. It is the best supplement for thinning hairs. Folic acid is thought to help follicles generate new hairs in the balding areas of the head. Many people have used the folic acid supplements to get thick hairs. 

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